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I.12: Ministry Calling Worksheet

God’s Call On Your Life

Study the Scriptures’ use of call and chosen. Categorize these findings according to the call to salvation, call to sanctification, call to service, or other types of calling.

For the call to service, study examples in the Bible of people who were called, and ask how, why, to what, and what was the need (for example, Moses, Isaiah, Deborah, Peter, and others).

Categorize these findings as above.

  • What conclusions can you draw concerning God’s call to people?

Questions to help you determine the call of God for your life:

  • How do you see the needs of the world and what does that mean to you?
  • What is God’s call for all Christians?
  • What are your gifts and abilities? (i.e. What has God blessed? What do others say? What do you enjoy?)
  • How has God been leading you in the past vocationally?
  • What is He saying through promises?
  • What are your life verses?
  • What style of ministry do you feel called to be involved in?
  • What prompts you to desire to serve?
  • Is location an issue with you?
  • What type of people do you feel called to minister to? (i.e. homeless, widows, orphans, collegians, couples, people in the church etc.)
  • How do you currently feel about living by gift income rather than wages?
  • Discuss options regarding God’s call to full-time Christian work versus ministering while continuing in your profession.

The Call Of God

The goal of this study is to help Christians function in ministry on the basis of conviction about his or her personal calling.

Study Ephesians 4:11-13.

  • How important do you consider this passage to be? What are the implications? What application does it have?
  • How does the model of the Levitical priesthood apply today?
  • What about the priesthood of every believer? What do you think about God’s call to some and not others? In what ways are all Christians doing full-time ministry?

Study Paul’s call in Galatians 1:13-18 and Acts 9.

  • What principles do you see in these passages? What applications for today?=

Examine the call of the 12 by Jesus. Pay particular attention to Peter and his restoration by the Lord in John 21 along with his subsequent ministry in Acts. Note particularly Acts 6:1-6 where a distinction was made as to job/duties.

  • How essential do you think the call of God is to labor as a Navigator full-time?
  • From what you noted in all these passages summarize what it means “to be called by God”.
  • Write your conviction statement on the call of God.

The Ministry Of Jesus

The intent of this study is to take an original look at two books of the Bible to understand how and why Jesus did ministry. “Ministry” can easily be culturally biased and not biblically based. Note: the objective is not to study Mark & John for the content of the books in their own right. It is to survey Mark and then John separately with a specific focus in mind – Jesus and ministry.

Questions to guide the study: (Use your own format.)

  • What did Jesus view as ministry?
  • How did Jesus do ministry?
  • How was Jesus sent by the Father?
  • How and in what ways are we to imitate Jesus? What about other models for ministry such as the Apostle Paul’s?
  • In what ways is the example of Jesus in ministry applicable to every believer? Do you think calling makes a difference?
  • What was the relationship between the Father and the Son?
  • What were Jesus’ priorities?
  • What do you feel are some misconceptions today about ministry?

First, read and study completely through Mark. Then read and study John. Do not get sidetracked by other relevant topics in the reading! A word study on “ministry’ will prove helpful in understanding the concept.

Write your conviction statement on the ministry of Jesus.

  • What are personal challenges to you from this study?

The Call To Go

The great commission is a widely used term, but it may not be thoroughly understood. The intent of this study is to look at references to the Great Commission and to develop a clearer understanding of the intent of the passages.

Study in context and in-depth the following 5 passages:

  1. Matthew 28:18-20
  2. Mark 16:15
  3. Luke 24:44-49
  4. John 20:21
  5. Acts 1:8
  • Synthesize these passages into one statement.
  • To what extent does the Great Commission apply to every believer today?
  • What do you think is the place of the Great Commission in Navigator ministry today?
  • What about in the overall Body of Christ?
  • Write your conviction statement on the Great Commission.

The Nature Of Ministry

The intent of this study is to have the Navigator Intern grasp more deeply the nature of Biblical ministry. The hope is that the Navigator Intern will be able to gain a biblical view apart from cultural bias that will enhance future spiritual ministry.

Utilizing an exhaustive concordance and/or Greek dictionary look up all the words, in the New Testament, that are translated as “ministry, minister, etc.” You will also need to look up the references where a word that is translated as “ministry” in some places is not so translated in others. Pay careful attention to the context in which the words are used. If you have questions, please check with someone who can help get you started.

  • What is “ministry” in your understanding? How would you explain “ministry” to a young Christian?
  • To what extent do you think all Christians should “minister”?
  • Write your conviction statement on ministry.

The Holy Spirit & Calling

The intent of the study is to grasp more fully the nature and work of the Holy Spirit so that the Christian can live and minister in the will of God and power of the Holy Spirit.

How did the Holy Spirit involve Himself with the growth of the Body of Christ/church? Go through the book of Acts keeping the above question in mind. Pay close attention to all references, both direct and indirect, to the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

  • What does Jesus teach about the person and role of the Holy Spirit in the book of John?
  • What references are made to the Holy Spirit in 1 John?

Paul teaches on the Holy Spirit, particularly on the issue of gifts in Romans 12, l Corinthians 12 13 and 14. Galatians 5 and Romans 6 are also key.

  • What understandings do you feel are significantly related to the person and work of the Holy Spirit?
  • What are your conclusions with regard to the person and work of the Holy Spirit?
  • What is a spirit-filled Christian?
  • How do you interpret living and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit? Give the scriptural basis for your conclusions.
  • How would you recognize genuine Spirit ministry?
  • Write your conviction statement on the Holy Spirit.

Gifts & The Body Of Christ

The intent of this study is to understand more fully how God has designed and gifted the body of Christ so that the Christian can live and minister in a community using his or her calling to integrate the gifts in a fruitful way. The study on the person and work of the Holy Spirit should provide information applicable to this study and should be done prior to this one.

Study Romans 12, l Corinthians 12-14, and Ephesians 4:11-13, the primary passages on spiritual gifts.

  • What are the gifts in your understanding?
  • What are biblical guidelines for the exercise of the gifts?
  • Why were the gifts given?
  • What principles can you discern from these passages?

Study the passages in Ephesians and Colossians that speak about the body of Christ.

  • What is the Body of Christ and how does it function? Include any other passages you feel speak to the issue of the body of Christ.
  • What does it mean to be part of the Body?

Optional – Go through Acts and identify various types of churches that functioned and see if there are basic principles that can be applied.

Ministry / Calling Essay

Please reflect on your past and present personal ministry and calling and address the pertinent aspects. You may use any means of your choice, i.e. tape recording, a chart or graph, a piece of artwork, a presentation given to a group, leading a group discussion on the topic, or other.

  • How would you express your calling from God?
  • How would you describe the type of ministry you feel God is leading you to focus on?
  • How would you state your “vision” for ministry to another person?
  • How do you feel God wants to use you in the work of His kingdom?
  • What history of God’s leading and ministry experiences over the last few years do you feel confirms or disconfirms God’s call to you?