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Stages of Spiritual Growth

Must be Born Again

Ephesians 2:1-3

Needs Guidance

John 3:3-8


Spiritual Child

Self -Focused

Galatians 4:19

Kingdom Focused

1 John 2:14

Disciple Maker

1 Corinthians 4:15

Making Disciple Makers

2 Timothy 2:2


“” came into my life at a perfect time! I have been asked to mentor young men from time to time.  Even though I have a passion for God and seeing everyone grow deeper in Him, I didn’t feel equipped to “mentor” others. My wife, Sara and I volunteer in youth ministry and have for years.  I have always desired to see a “system” that would facilitate the youth to graduate High School with a passion for God and becoming missionaries in His Kingdom!  With Coach The Bible and a little guidance from Dennis in how to use it, I have a vision of coming alongside others and modeling how to grow from an “infant” to a reproducing “grandparent” of Christ followers!  This is the perfect tool, especially in the current times we live in, to meet a critical need of helping people grow in Christ!  You can easily use it in person, via the internet or even via a phone call. It’s been the perfect tool to build my confidence in coming alongside and growing in Christ with fellow believers! I see this as a tool to transform our churches into modeling what it looks like to be a Christ follower and the steps to get there!”

CoachtheBible provides a coach with the tools he/she needs to help their coachee understand where they are in their journey toward maturity, provides Bible studies to help them learn what God has provided, and creates easy access points for discussion and discipleship. I especially like to links to videos and additional materials. Dennis’ explanations are clear and helpful and having the discipleship pathway laid out helps keep the goal in front of both coach and coachee. I’ve used CoachtheBible with both mature and infant Christians and found the assessments and follow up materials to be truly helpful. I highly recommend this tool!

“The CoachtheBible website has been instrumental in our youth ministry. We have had not only the opportunity to memorize scripture with our youth, but as Christ-followers, walk through the implications of these scriptures in our own lives. The resources within each growth level are helpful for comprehension and appropriate for one on one ministry. This website has been an acceleration to our personal and practical discipleship.”