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V.7b: New Testament

Answer the Following

  1. What was the time period of the writing of the New Testament?
  1. What are the parts of the New Testament?
  1. How were the 13 letters written by Paul arranged?
  1. How do the letters of the apostles portray the good news of Jesus? How can we apply it to our lives?
  1. How do the concepts of the Old Testament get clearer in the New Testament?
  1. Who was the new human? What did this new human do?
  1. What did Jesus call himself? What did his title claim he would do?
  1. What role did Jesus’ followers have in the Book of Acts? How does that relate to our role as Christians?
  1. Where does the Book of Revelation fit into the whole picture?

Digging In Deeper

  1. What is the most important part of this lesson to you? Explain.
  1. How do you see applying aspects of this lesson to your life?
  1. When do you feel would be the best time to make that application?
  1. What do you hear the Lord speaking to you about this right now?


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