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V.10: Atonement

Answer the Following

  1. What are the two ways evil affects us and others?
  1. Why doesn’t God get rid of all evil? What would that require him to do?
  1. What is the purpose of animal sacrifice in the Bible?
  1. What is atonement?
  1. What is purification?
  1. Who was the king Isaiah believed would come? What would this king do? (refer to Mark 10:45)
  1. How did Jesus purify the world of evil?
  1. How does Jesus’ death and resurrection fit into my life?
  1. What is the significance of baptism and the Lord’s Supper?

Digging In Deeper

  1. What is the most important part of this lesson to you? Explain.
  1. How do you see applying aspects of this lesson to your life?
  1. When do you feel would be the best time to make that application?
  1. What do you hear the Lord speaking to you about this right now?


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