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Assessment Benchmarks – Spiritual Young Adult

CHARACTER – Romans 5:3 “…but we rejoice in our sufferings because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces CHARACTER and character hope…”

NOTE: A the maximum score of this assessment is 60.

Understanding The Benchmarks For Your Spiritual Assessment

The fact that you were courageous to take an honest look at yourself is commendable. Now we know the current reality. Your character becoming stronger will prepare you to be used by God more effectively. Let the Lord know that you want to grow. Understand that this will take time. There are resources in Book 2 of the Navigator 2-7 Series that will give you resources and Bible study in these areas. Take time to work on this book.  You can find help at our Emotional Maturity section.  Also, another resource is Be Transformed by John Murphy from Rock House Center. After that take the Character Assessment again and rejoice in your progress.

Then we have a great journey ahead of us. In your normal desire to grow in Christ and make your life count any area of weak character will torpedo your effectiveness. The blending of your morality, ethics, and character with integrity makes you trustworthy. Your character flaws will sink your trust. Take these areas seriously, visit the Young Adult Stage, and use the worksheets. Have someone who loves and knows you, mirror your character growth. Take the time you need to go strong before you seek to help others grow. When you have worked through these take the assessment over and discuss this with a coach or mentor. Then move each area to a 5.   Once complete,  move on to the Parenting Stage.

Then you have made good progress in character but need to take steps to bolster these areas. If you have any 2’s then immediately make a plan to visit the Young Adult Stage, download the worksheet and have a good time with God and produce steps to move that to a 3 or 4. Your future ministry is dependent on being strong in your character. Take the same steps with 3’s and 4’s till you have felt the character develop.

Congratulations, God has been bringing deeper character into your life. You have shown that you are seeing this life of commitment, convictions and character are giving you a strong foundation to serve in the lives of others. Character is a lifetime process so take time to look a the 3’s and 4/s and determine the next steps to strengthen your character. Then move on to the Parenting Stage.

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If you scored below 29 then you are showing that you are beginning an exciting journey of growth. However, this may feel very new to you. We have found at this time of the journey you will need as many older followers of Jesus to walk with you. Get connected.

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