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Assessment Benchmarks – Spiritual Parent

I Thessalonians 2:8 –  “Not only did we give you the gospel of God but our own lives also.”

NOTE: A the maximum score of this assessment is 45.

Understanding The Benchmarks For Your Spiritual Assessment

Then you are seeing some big areas that will need work. Congratulations on coming this far. God wants to fulfill his purpose for you. (EPHESIAN 2:10). Take as long as you need to work through each worksheet on the Spiritual Parent page, and study the scriptures. From there map out a plan to take steps toward becoming a parent. Don’t be afraid to help someone with what you know. Use the Coach the Bible resources to share the Word of God with others and learn where the food of the Word of God is to help others. Spend time with others who have more experience in these areas. It may take a year or more to become more competent in helping others.

Then you are heading in the right direction but may not have had any models to see how this parenting competence works. However, if you have come this far then you show that you have a heart for this.  There are a few key areas of Competence that needs to be reinforced.  Go to the Spiritual Parent page and go through each worksheet that you had scored less than 5.

Then you showed that you have a passion for parenting others spiritually but have a few areas that need to be upgraded or strengthen. Identify them and take the steps to work through the downloadable worksheet and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal key competence areas. If you have some more mature models of disciple-making nearby take the time to ask them for help strengthening these areas. It is evident that God wants to use you as you grow in these areas of competence. The workbook “THE WAYS OF AN ALONGSIDER” can be helpful here.

Then you are seeing yourself as quite strong in your spiritual parenting readiness. You may already have done quite a bit of work on your giving yourself to others. To grow stronger, visit the Parent Stage and address the areas that are less than 5 and work on the worksheet for improvement steps.  For further development visit the Grandparent Stage and also the Spiritual Leader page. You may want to hire or get a coach to help you get stronger in these areas. You can look into coaching at Lead The Way Coach and explore Life and leadership coaching.

Please Contact Us for more personal help in your journey of growth.

If you scored below 14 then you are showing that you are beginning an exciting journey of growth. However, this may feel very new to you. We have found at this time of the journey you will need as many older followers of Jesus to walk with you. Get connected.

Thanks for checking out Coach the Bible.