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Assessment Benchmarks – Spiritual Child

CONVICTIONS 2 Timothy 3:14 “ But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of…..”

NOTE: A the maximum score of this assessment is 85.

Understanding The Benchmarks For Your Spiritual Assessment

Your willingness to take the assessment shows that you want to know where you are in your journey. We suggest that you go back to each area on the Child Stage, download the worksheet, have someone walk alongside you in these areas, and take intentional steps to move forward in each area. Having someone stronger walk with you is how Jesus, the Apostle Paul modeled how to help us get stronger. Find that person and ask them to help you through each area. Give yourself the time to build these convictions.

You are becoming aware that you have many areas that you have acknowledged are good but they are not in your everyday life. There may be some underlying areas of your life that are hindering your heart transformation. Go to the Child Stage and look at the last 6 convictions and daily take steps to strengthen those. You can find help on these in The Navigator 2-7 series book 2. When these are strong, retake the assessment again. This may take 3-6 months or longer if there are some areas of life that require growth in emotional health. (See Rock House Center Resources)

You are well on your way to deepening your convictions. Remember that a conviction is something that you believe so much that you practice this in your life. You are stronger in a majority of your convictions but they need to get stronger. Go to the Child Stage, identify those that are the weakest (3’s) and take steps one at a time to strengthen that conviction through action steps or memorizing that verse of Scripture. When you have scored about 75 then move onto the Character section of a Young Adult.

Congratulations. You have seen yourself strong in convictions. A conviction is something that you believe so much that you practice it in your life. You are demonstrating strong practices in your relationship with the Lord and his mission. Identify on the Child Stage any weaker areas (3’s and 4’s) and take steps to strengthen and then move on to the Young Adult Stage.

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If you scored below 41 then you are showing that you are beginning an exciting journey of growth. However, this may feel very new to you. We have found at this time of the journey you will need as many older followers of Jesus to walk with you. Get connected.

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